About CBT

About Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) involves us working together to identify what is keeping you ‘stuck’ in unhelpful thinking or behaviour patterns and then agreeing on strategies to change these in order to improve the way you feel and meet your goals.
It focuses on your current problems and equips you with tools and techniques to cope with them both now and in the future.  It may also involve looking at past experiences and how these may influence your current situation.

CBT can help with a range of issues including:

•   Anxiety     •   Depression / Low Mood
•   Stress     •   Relationship Issues
•   Phobias     •   Panic
•   Trauma     •   Anger Management
•   Insomnia     •   Self-esteem
•   Assertiveness     •   Bereavement

CBT is a short term therapy and usually involves us agreeing on an action plan for you to work on between sessions. Research has shown that working on your action plan makes you more likely to improve and effects positive change more quickly. Progress will be discussed throughout and an ending agreed when you are comfortable that you have sufficiently met your goals.